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Terms of business

Article 1

The terms and conditions established in the context of a mail order business apply to all sales concluded on the following website at Sales are prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. By accepting these conditions, you confirm that they are more than 18 years old.

Article 2

The prices of our products are in Swiss Francs (CHF), all taxes included, plus shipping and handling. Each order is payable in Swiss Francs. Promotional prices: We may offer discounts on our products in a limited time frame. reserves the right to change the prices of its products at any time, but the products will be charged to the customer based on the prevailing price at the time of the order, subject to product availability. The information on the prices and availability of the products may be changed at any time and are given only as an indication. Products remain property until the full collection of the price of  

Article 3

We undertake to accept your order in the terms of sale described on our website You declare to have read and accepted these terms of sale before confirming your order. This means that when you confirm your order, you formally approve these conditions. When you confirm your order, you declare that you accept this article and the content of the terms of sale described, without any exception. Unless otherwise apparent, the data stored by constitute proof of all transactions of its customers. The data stored in the payment system are considered as evidence of all financial transactions.  

Article 4

Our offer products and prices are subject to available stock. You will find information about product availability on our website when you add a product to your shopping cart for guidance. If a product is not available after confirming your order, we will inform you by email or phone. You can then choose to change your order or simply cancel it. If a product is not available your order will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded immediately. In case of a partial delivery, our customer service will contact you to arrange an exchange, refund or deadline extension.  

Article 5

Products are shipped to the shipping address you specified during checkout. Shipping time includes the time required to process and prepare your shipment. If you order several products at the same time and they have different shipping times, the shipping time will be calculated based on the longest shipping time., however, retains the option to split shipments. In this case, the customer will be charged the shipping fees only once. is not liable for any delay in shipping by one of our providers. In case of shipping delay we will inform you by e-mail. Any order not shipped within 30 days of order confirmation will be canceled, unless otherwise specified and announced in the sales offer. In case of delivery problems, you must notify the carrier and within three days of receiving the product. The standard shipping method is PostPack Economy. In case of loss of the package, no claim or new shipment can be made once it has been transmitted to the Swiss Post. If any damage occurs during the transport, the customer has to send his complaint to the transport within three days after receiving the product. The shipping time is given only for the indicative value. If it is longer than 30 days after the completion of the sale, the sales contract can be canceled and the customer can ask for a refund. Returns, exchanges or any product damaged during shipping, and without complaint from the customer after three days, will not be handled by Shipping costs include a participation fee for handling and packaging costs and postage.  

Article 6

The payment of your orders is done by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Post Card PayPal, purchase on account or Twint). Prices are in Swiss francs, including value added tax (VAT). Transport costs are not included in the price, unless other conditions are listed. Vape GmbH reserves the right to adjust prices and/or make price errors at any time.

Credit assessment and scoring:

Vape GmbH reserves the right to obtain creditworthiness information about the customer in order to protect its own interests within the scope of the purchase transaction and may forward customer data to third parties for this purpose.

For this purpose, the personal data required for a credit assessment (first name, surname and address data) are transmitted to an external credit agency. CRIF AG, Hagenholzstrasse 81, 8050 Zurich, carries out a corresponding assessment of the creditworthiness based on mathematical-statistical procedures. The information received on the statistical probability of a payment default is included in the decision on the establishment, implementation or termination of the contractual relationship.  

The creditworthiness check is carried out in compliance with the relevant provisions of data protection law and with particular regard to your interests worthy of protection. Please note that only CRIF AG can provide information on which data has been used to calculate your creditworthiness profile.


Purchase on account / reminder fees:

The invoice is payable within 10 days. The invoice is paid on time if the amount due is on the recipient's account by the end of the last day of the payment period.

If the payment deadline is not met and no fixed expiry date has been agreed, the customer will be put in default by reminder. In case of late payment, the defaulting customer will be charged an interest of 5% plus reminder fees of CHF 20. If the claim is not settled even after delivery of a second/third reminder, Vape GmbH reserves the right to assign the claim to third parties or to assign the collection to third parties under cost consequences for the customer.


For payment by installments you can choose between two or three installments. For the payment method installments a fixed fee of CHF 5.00 incl. VAT, in addition to the basket value, will be charged. For the processing of the installment agreement, we assign the claim. The installments are to be paid as follows:

  1. Installment is due within 10 days from date of invoice
  2. Installment is due within 40 days from date of invoice
  3. Installment is due within 70 days from date of invoice

In case of default of an installment payment, the total amount is due for payment immediately.

Example with three installments, with a basket value of 1'500.00.-:

  1. Installment 501.65.- (500.00.- goods maintenance + 1.65.- fee share) is due within 10 days from the date of invoice.
  2. Installment 501.65.- (500.00.- goods maintenance + 1.65.- fee share) is due within 40 days from the date of invoice.
  3. Installment 501.70.- (500.00.- goods maintenance + 1.65.- fee share) is due within 70 days from the date of invoice.


Legal prosecution/collection costs in the event of late payment:

The amount of the legal prosecution/collection costs is measured on the basis of the outstanding receivable:

Amount of receivable in CHF

Legal costs/collection costs in CHF

0 - 150

max. 80.00

151 - 600

max. 175.00

601 - 1000

max. 230.00

1000.01 - 10'000

max. 860.00

from 10'000.01

9% of the outstanding receivable


Disclosure of personal data:

Your personal data will be passed on to the transport company commissioned with the delivery or the corresponding financial service provider as part of the contract processing, insofar as this is necessary for the delivery or payment of the goods.

Article 7 shall not be liable in the event of force majeure, flood, fire or any other partial or total disruption, in particular of postal, transport and communication services.

In case of an error according to OR / declaration error: The Vape GmbH reserves the right, if due to a technical error in the online store (backend & frontend), coupons, discount codes were advertised clearly too low prices, the order can be canceled. The Vape GmbH has the duty to inform the customers to discuss further steps with the customer. The Vape GmbH refers here to the Art. 24 Abs. 1 Ziff. 1-3 OR. & Art 23. This happens only if the price is offered clearly below the market price or the price error would have been recognizable for you as customer with usual care.

Article 8

All elements of the website are the exclusive intellectual property of No one may copy, exploit, distribute or use the elements of the website. Also visual or sound materials from the website may not be used. Hypertext links are prohibited unless has given its formal permission in advance.

Article 9

Refunds of products that comply with Articles 5 and 10 will be made within 30 business days of receipt of the original products.

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