E-liquids: The heart of vaping and an essential component of vape enjoyment. At Vapestore.ch, our goal is to bring together the most exquisite flavors and brands under one roof. Our passion for e-liquids drives us to continuously scour the e-liquid jungle and gather the most delicate flavors worldwide for you.

Over the last five years, we have constantly expanded, optimized and refined our range to make choosing the perfect liquid as easy and straightforward as possible. Anything that no longer meets our high standards is weeded out, while we are constantly adding new top liquid brands and flavors. This keeps our range up to date and minimizes the risk of making the wrong purchase.

The dynamics of the e-cigarette market cannot be overlooked. Thanks to the increasing know-how of professionals from the food and flavoring sectors, we are experiencing a constant improvement in e-liquid compositions. With Vapestore.ch, you will always be up to date with the latest developments and innovations in the field of vaping.

What makes our e-liquids so special?

Our e-liquids consist exclusively of high-quality, tested ingredients:

  • Propylene glycol (PG) and glycerine (VG): Both are approved food additives that can be found in numerous everyday products. In our e-liquids, they are used as carriers for flavors and to produce dense vapor - exclusively in pharmaceutical quality.
  • Food flavors and natural flavors: For an incomparable taste experience.
  • Nicotine (optional): Offered in increments of 1 to 20 milligrams per milliliter in 10ml bottles to help smokers make the switch.

At Vapestore.ch, you will find a carefully selected range of e-liquids that will make your vaping experience individual and unique. Discover the variety and quality of our range now and find your ideal e-liquid with us.

Unsere eLiquids

Nicotine salt

Nikotin Salz e-Liquids bieten eine sanftere Nikotinlieferung und eine schnellere Aufnahme im Vergleich zu herkömmlichem Nikotin. Ideal fĂŒr eine befriedigende Erfahrung ohne die SchĂ€rfe.



Longfill e-Liquids

Longfill e-Liquids sind hochkonzentrierte, teilbefĂŒllte Aromamischungen in grossen Flaschen. Sie ermöglichen eine individuelle Anpassung von NikotinstĂ€rke und VG/PG-VerhĂ€ltnis durch HinzufĂŒgen von Nikotinshots und der E-Liquid Base.

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Shortfill e-Liquids sind in grossen Flaschen mit einem ungenutzten Raum von ca. 10-20 ml. Sie sind ideal fĂŒr das HinzufĂŒgen von Nikotin Shots, um den Nikotingehalt individuell anzupassen.

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Nikotin Shots

Nikotin Shots sind konzentrierte Nikotin Lösungen, die mit nikotinfreien Shortfill- und Longfill-e-Liquids gemischt werden, um den gewĂŒnschten Nikotingehalt individuell einzustellen.

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Freebase-E-Liquids sind spezielle FlĂŒssigkeiten fĂŒr E-Zigaretten, die reines Nikotin enthalten und einen starken Effekt erzeugen, besonders gut fĂŒr leistungsstarke E-Zigaretten und fĂŒr Leute, die ein krĂ€ftiges GefĂŒhl im Hals mögen.

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DIY Aroma

DIY-Aromen sind Aromakonzentrate die ideal fĂŒr Dampfer sind, die ihr persönliches Liquid mixen wollen. Dank einer vielfĂ€ltigen Auswahl an Aromen lassen sie individuelle Geschmackserlebnisse zu, fĂŒr ein massgeschneidertes DampfvergnĂŒgen.

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