Vaping for beginners

VAPE - Let's get started!

Basically, vaping is fun, enjoyment and taste. If you take a drag on an e-cigarette or vapor device for the first time, you'll probably notice right away that the experience is completely different than with a conventional tobacco cigarette. Admittedly, until you get the "hang of it", it can take a while. Especially for newcomers, it is initially difficult to estimate how long and how strong a puff should be so that you can really enjoy the liquid. In any case, experimentation is the better part of valor. Above all, you should draw evenly and then let the vape (steam) slowly and deliberately flow out. And that is also the most important thing and the fun of it. Unlike normal cigarettes, the pleasure comes more from exhaling than from drawing. Only here will you really experience the diversity of the available flavors.


For some time now, the sale of liquids containing nicotine has been permitted in Switzerland, although it must be emphasized that the vapor experience does not rely on added nicotine. Above all, however, as a convert, one should not do without the effect of nicotine. However, one should not equate the amount of nicotine indicated on the liquid with the mg nicotine indication on the cigarette packaging. Nicotine amounts above 20 mg/ml can "go down quite a bit" at the end of the day. Nicotine amounts above 20 mg/ml are probably more for the very hardcore. Again, as mentioned above, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Who nevertheless does not want to do without a good portion of nicotine, should rather choose mild liquids, because - especially for vapor beginners - the "rougher" texture of the vape will be noticeable. However, the longer one vapes, the more one will find pleasure in the pleasure aspect. Therefore, there are many "steamers" who do without nicotine altogether after some time.

Evaporator types / Atomizer

Vaporizers are the heart of an e-vapor device. The size of the liquid inlet openings, flow direction, air supply control, heating power (resistance) and wick material (wire) fundamentally determine the vapor experience. Thus, not only e.g. design, battery life, battery capacity and tank size determine the quality of a vapor device, but above all the available vaporizer types and their characteristics. Here we distinguish between two types of vaporizers.

Lung Draw Vaporizer (DL) Direct Lung (also Sub-Ohm Vaporizer)

With a lung-puff vaporizer, you can draw the vapor - similar to a shisha - directly into the lungs. Lung-puff vaporizers have larger inlet openings and therefore offer a smaller draw resistance - they are therefore more permeable. In order to reliably heat and vaporize the larger amounts of liquid, lung draw vaporizers must be able to deliver a lot of heat power quickly, which is why a higher current flow from the battery is required. This is achieved by a small winding resistance (electrical unit: Ohm) of the vaporizer coil (coil). These vaporizer coils usually have an electrical resistance of ¼ to ½ ohm, which is why they are also called sub-ohm vaporizers. Lung draw vaporizers are more suitable for viscous liquids with a high VG/PG value. The higher the VG value, the more vapor is produced. Liquids suitable for lung draw vaporizers should typically have a VG/PG ratio of 60/40 or higher.

Bake Vaporizer (MTL) Mouth to Lung (also Ohm Vaporizer)

Cheek vaporizers, on the other hand, have a higher draw resistance, which is more like that of a cigarette or pipe. Here, as the name suggests, the vapor is first drawn into the cheeks before being inhaled into the lungs. Since jaw vaporizers have more draw resistance and smaller inlet openings, it is recommended to use thinner liquids. This ensures an optimal liquid afterflow. Of course, more viscous fluids can also be used. In this case, however, it is important to allow enough time to pass between puffs so that the vaporizer never runs dry. The recommended e-liquid mixing ratio for Backen vaporizer devices is VG60/PG40. However, the most popular mixing ratio is VG50/PG50. The lower the mixing ratio, the more liquid the liquid will be. Due to the lower air supply, less vapor is produced, but then it is all the denser and tastier.

Finished vaporizer and self-winding

The e-cigarette ready vaporizer system is the simplest and most widespread way to vaporize. The handling is very simple. The device only needs to be cleaned from time to time and replace a spent vaporizer.

In contrast to the practical finished vaporizer, the self-winding system requires a lot of dexterity. The coil (coiled wire) must be wound precisely over the coil carrier and good fit and tension of the coil wire must be observed. The advantage, however, is that by selecting the winding wire and the number of windings, the heating behavior of the coil can be configured individually. Ohm and sub-ohm vaporizer systems are also available for self-winders.

POD system

These are classic e-cigarettes with liquid pod tank, cartridges, depot. The most popular PODS of today such as Bo Vaping, Juul, Myle and Kilo can be refilled, with a few exceptions. POD system are offered as ready pre-filled systems or for refilling.

This e-cigarette system is particularly suitable for switching or as an alternative to cigarettes. Choose between regular nicotine for a stronger scratch or nicotine salt e-liquids for more efficient nicotine consumption with higher body tolerance. As before, almost no POD system has an on/off switch - just put it in your mouth, draw and start vaporizing.

Disposables / Disposable - Vapes

Disposables are the epitome of convenience, making the switch from smoking to vaping simple and straightforward. Disposables - Vapes are designed to be familiar to smokers, but without the tar, smoke and ash associated with smoking cigarettes. There are no replaceable parts, buttons, rechargeable batteries, or complicated menus to navigate. Draw-auto means you just take the disposable - vape out of the package and start vaping. After 200 to 10000 puffs, when the vape pen is empty, you can just throw it in the electric waste, and start the next one.

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Coil durability

The shelf life of a coil depends on the frequency of use, but also on the composition (VG/PG ratio) of the liquid used. Here, too, it is important to experiment and make your own experiences. There are vaporizers that react unfavorably to certain VG/PG ratios and begin to soot after a short time. Other vaporizer systems can last much longer with the same VG/PG ratio. In case of doubt, we will be happy to advise you.

A sure sign that the coil has reached the end of its life is when a burnt taste becomes noticeable during the draw. This occurs when the wick burns in the vaporizer itself. If the liquid container on the vapor device is still filled above its minimum mark, it is recommended to replace the vaporizer as soon as possible. To be sure that the burnt flavor does not persist with the new coil, the liquid container should be completely emptied and refilled. Another sign of the end of life of a coil is bubbling or irregular boiling pattering in the vaporizer with droplet formation. In this case, the liquid is heated unevenly and partially starts to boil, but other parts of the liquid do not vaporize. Here you can do without emptying the liquid container when replacing the vaporizer.

For strong "steamers" a coil usually lasts at least a week, for casual steamers coils can last correspondingly longer. However, it is always recommended to have a spare vaporizer (coil) in reserve.